How To Subscribe bece 2021

We have three (3) mode of Subscription here:

Daily Subscription:

This Subscription as name implied can only allows you to get PIN for a particular Exam. It categorized in to three:

      (i) Single Subject N300

      (ii) Single PracticalsN200

      (iii) Subject with it's PracticalN500

      (iv) English/Mathematics(each)N500

Complete Subjects without Practical:

This type of Subscription can hold a complete exams with the EXCEPTION of Practicals.


Complete Subjects with Practicals:

This Subscription refer to the complete Exams and it's Practicals



We have (5) Process available for Subscription

(i) By Direct Phone Call to ADMIN

(ii) By WhatsApps Contact.

(iii)By MTN Card.

(iv) Through Bank Account.


We have (2) Process available for Subscription

(i) Sending Text (SMS)

(ii) Through WhatsApp.

Payment Is Done Through!

(i) MTN Recharge Card.

(ii) Using Bank Account.


(i)To Activate Your Subscription Contact 09022772320 Directly or Via WhatsApp to avoid Scam!

(ii) To you who Completed your Subscription your daily PIN will be send to you as ealier before a particular Exam.

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